I’m an Upper Elementary Educator embracing Flexible Seating:

Below are some of the Flexible seating options we are currently using in our Free-Choice seating classroom.  My students love the low seating! One of our room moms found these stools at a preschool that was closing down. The square table in the nook is another favorite spot in the room. Students like bringing an IKEA stool or even a yoga ball or traditional chair to this area. Overall, the yoga balls were the preferred choice. The udder balls tend to stay in one spot when placed on the feet; however, $1 discs/Frisbees keep the $5 purple balls from Five Below stationary for a more reasonable price.

Don’t wait for the Pinterest-Perfect space to get started!

Read Take Inventory Before Embracing Flexible Seating or check out the Flexible Seating page and start implementing changes that work for your students and your space today.

         Photos from our Fourth Grade Classroom (2016-2017):

This rectangle table with low seating was a favorite with students!
Yoga balls from Five Below can be stabilized with Frisbees.
This square table fit perfectly in this cozy nook in our room. Students loved bringing over IKEA stools and even yoga balls.
We loved that the legs (udders) kept our bright yellow udder balls in place.







Photos from our Third Grade Classroom (2017-2018):

New school year, new space, new grade level with flexible seating: Yoga balls are a favorite choice for my third graders!
Inspired by Erin Klein Classroom Design, changes were made to this Technology area to allow space for students to collaborate together.
This is our technology area: There is room for students to pull up IKEA stools and collaborate! The traditional seating at Table Group 1 now includes the wobbly, bumpy discs as an option.
Inspired by Erin Klein Classroom Design, the cozy reading nook (to the left) is a first for our classroom!