I am a Fourth Grade Teacher who looped up with my Third Graders this school year.   While I student-taught Fourth Grade in 2013, 2016-17 included the following firsts: Joining the Deskless Tribe with Flexible Seating choices and Team Teaching Math and Science to 50 Fourth Graders.  In addition to 3rd and 4th, I have also taught First grade.

I blog about today’s Changing Classrooms including Free-Choice seating in a Flexible seating classroom that is Student-led and the thoughtful, purposeful integration of technology.  While so many others may have you think otherwise, I believe this is the most exciting and promising time in our nation’s history to be an educator.  I love the opportunity teaching brings to learn with and from our Future World Leaders, as well as from the larger community of leaders in the education field in my School, District, and Professional Learning Network.   Blogging is a chance to reflect on these experiences and to share with others.

I have a B.A. in Psychology from the College of William and Mary and a Masters in Teaching from North Carolina State University.  ​Go Pack!  Recent accomplishments include:  Google Certified Educator Level 1, Classkick Ambassador, Symbaloo Basic Certification

My husband and I have four boys and a lab-mix rescue named Daisy.  I love sports, especially football and college basketball, and cheering for the Wolfpack and the Steelers. When I’m not teaching and/or learning, I enjoy spending time with my family, biking, and hiking.