Hey! Hey! It’s Silent Day!

At first mention, Silent Day sounds like almost every teacher’s dream:  It’s a day of complete silence, right?  Nobody’s allowed to talk, and we can finally get some teaching done?  Well…no and no.  The day is not silent at all and we (the teachers) aren’t getting it done…our students are! The idea comes from Paul … Read more

Do You Have the Time?

I have the pleasure of introducing guest blogger and contributor, Karl Steinkamp, currently in his 12th year as head of Dalat Int’l School in Malaysia*.  The school has about 600 students and is located on the beautiful island of Penang.  I asked him to share his blog’s inaugural post below because Karl’s reflection underlines the importance of … Read more

Why We Need More Blue In Education

Diego Téllez Rodríguez posted this animated short film, Alike for the Innovative Teaching Academy group in early April.  Shortly afterwards, A.J. Jullianni thankfully shared his own reflection here because otherwise I may have missed this tiny treasure:

There are so many ways to reflect on this short film, but one thought is how we have squashed creativity and wielded compliance in so many aspects of what we call school.  Regardless of how we earned our teaching certificates, it’s unlikely that this was ever a vision that we created for ourselves or for our students.

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Changing the Way I Teach Has to Happen Yesterday

A sample of the book, “The Innovator’s Mindset” by George Couros, had been in my iPhone Kindle Library for some time.  An invitation from Dave Burgess to join a global book study with over 2000 participants and to share my reflections via blog posts and social media was just the nudge I needed. Here’s my “uh oh” moment that literally made me take pause and consider why changing the way I teach has to happen yesterday…   

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