Intentional Classroom Design: Purposeful versus Pretty

When scrolling through beautiful images of classrooms on Instagram and Pinterest, vibrant colors, well-coordinated themes, and lots of decor accessories catch my eye and surely equate to lots of traffic.   I’m a big fan and can find myself pining for more money and more time to recreate the same amazing aesthetics in my space.  A.J. … Read more

What’s Your Superpower? Consider Twitter…

On July 6, 2017, two of my PLN buddies, Ellen Deem and Mark Weston co-hosted a #WhatisSchool Twitter Chat on educators and superpowers.  Recently, Lia Gyore, the author of Reflections of an Evolving Teacher posted Why Twitter? and it made me think of my story which led me to the conclusion that I do in fact have … Read more

Hey! Hey! It’s Silent Day!

At first mention, Silent Day sounds like almost every teacher’s dream:  It’s a day of complete silence, right?  Nobody’s allowed to talk, and we can finally get some teaching done?  Well…no and no.  The day is not silent at all and we (the teachers) aren’t getting it done…our students are! The idea comes from Paul … Read more

Do You Have the Time?

I have the pleasure of introducing guest blogger and contributor, Karl Steinkamp, currently in his 12th year as head of Dalat Int’l School in Malaysia*.  The school has about 600 students and is located on the beautiful island of Penang.  I asked him to share his blog’s inaugural post below because Karl’s reflection underlines the importance of … Read more

“Learners are the driver, Technology is the Accelerator”

I really love the post, Empowering English Language Learners with Technology, co-written by Dora DeBoer and Alex Lianne Carter.  Their image  along with the quote, “Learners are the driver, Technology is the Accelerator” captured everything I’ve been reflecting on recently.  While the piece does a beautiful job of showing how technology has pushed the classroom walls down for teachers and thus their students, it also speaks to me about the professional learning for today’s educators.  As 21st Century educators, we drive our own learning…we can pick up a book or go to a conference, PD, staff meeting, etc. Even with these opportunities, eventually I return to a room where I’m ‘by myself’ with twenty five 9- and 10-year-olds.  By myself, I’ll never, ever be “all that and a bag of chips”.  Have me share ideas with my colleagues and together we might be “all that’.  Let us connect with others across the hall, town, state, or in the world through/with technology and you’ve just accelerated our learning ten-fold! No need for the “bag of chips”!

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