Give Me 5s: Love ‘Em, Love ‘Em Not

“Give Me 5” is traditionally used by the teacher to quickly get the class’s attention.  You can read more about it and download a free visual to display in your classroom here.  The very cool thing about a student-led classroom is that this privilege is given to the students!  The idea comes from Paul Solarz’s … Read more

Call Me Loopy but I’ve Loved Looping!

The 2016-2017 school year provided the opportunity to loop up with my 3rd graders to 4th grade.  Everyone I knew and/or met asked me what I thought or how it was going before it was way too early to tell.  But now it’s nearly the end of the school year, and there’s been time to reflect.

The negatives of looping up:  (I haven’t personally experienced any negatives but want to be clear that they exist.)

  1. It needs to be a mutual decision.  The teacher and the family should opt in to make the journey for another year together.  I had two families opt out for various reasons, but it was the best decision for everyone involved.  Two other students were placed in different classes because it was going to be best for their academic experience.  I love all 4 students and their families to death, but it wasn’t about me, it was what was best for them.  One student moved out of  our school’s base area, and the rest of us chose to spend 4th grade together.
  2. The teacher needs to be passionate about educating in the 21st Century.  This covers a lot, but a year with any adult with a poor attitude and an arsenal of worksheets is too much, let alone two years.  Just saying.

The positives of looping up:

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