Starbucks My PD Please

Free-choice seating (allowing students to choose their seat) with flexible-seating choices (comfortable seating) has been a welcome wave of change in 21st Century classrooms.    Cemetery-style desks are being replaced with yoga balls, wobble discs, Hokki stools, and more.  If you’ve been in a Starbucks recently, you’ll notice the different options available to chat with … Read more

Reflecting is Sharing

Participating in the #InnovatorsMindset Book Study along with the opportunity to attend #EdCampWake had my mind exploding in a way that wouldn’t have come close to making the 200 word challenge this time.  The chance to meet, connect, and share with so many #EduHeroes inspired me to tweak a Fractions Hyperdoc I found at #TsGiveTs … Read more

Looking for “8 things in today’s classroom” in Professional Learning? Try EdCamp!

There are so many things that I love about #EdCamp:  An “un-conference”, it’s an experience that provides voice since we get to write down on sticky notes what we’re interested in learning/sharing about.  Once the schedule is made, we get to make choices about which session(s) we’re interested in attending; if we visit and find the subject isn’t what we expected, then it’s fine to walk out and join another discussion.  

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